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Just. Shoot. Me. 07 2.5i Exhaust(ing) issue

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So. I really need some help here.


My 07 2.5i developed an exhaust leak... I replaced the front pipes/cat with a Walker 16564 pipe/cat setup. Unboxing it, I found a small burr on the manifold flange face- probably welding slag from shitty welds- which I shaved down with a file. Installing it, the angles are just a hair off on the flanges, so things don't line up perfectly. I had to twist the pipes a touch to get it aligned.


It went on, and we started the car- nope, another leak under the heat shielding behind the front flange on the rear cat pipe. Replaced THAT with a Walker 55585 rear cat. Ok, we're good now, right? NOPE. It's leaking at the passenger side manifold flange, just a hair. It's enough to cause acceleration issues, and I have a P0301 code for the O2 sensor along with a distinct leak knocking sound on acceleration.


My question is, what can I replace the front cat/pipe with, in the $300 range, that won't be a massive PITA like this has been? Given the lack of quality control from the Walker parts, I'm not going with them again. I can't afford the OEM parts... suggestions?


Thanks. I'm sick of putting needless money into this. The last two years have been a nightmare. But, more on that later.

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Junkyard an OEM part? Have the leak repaired at an exhaust shop?


Well, yeah, I "could" do that... I'm not sure what I was hoping I'd get for an answer.... magic? I'd like to replace with new parts, since it's my daily driver and I can't really afford a shop. I've spent a metric ton of money on the car already due to shitty work and poor diagnoses.:rolleyes:

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