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2014 Legacy Wheels

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So I used the search and couldn't find much insight on what to do in my situation with my 2014 Subaru Legacy and the 16" steel wheels that I want to replace. I want wheels for looks, not performance, although safe of course.


1) I want to get a 17 or 18 inch wheel and I'm looking on tire rack just out of curiosity. I really want an 18 spoked wheel and I like the Moda23. How do you make sure the wheels wont rub and is an 18x8 going to be about flush with the wheel wells?


2) will a larger wheel mess with the odometer/speedometer of the vehicle and how much is it to typically get the TPMS sensor adjusted?


3) is there any significant difference when buying a 17 or 18 inch wheel in regards to tire price?


4) Any other helpful knowledge would be appreciated. I cant stand hubcaps and would like to buy some wheels very soon. It is very overwhelming with all the choices and my lack of knowledge in the department. Thank You

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Fun fact: the Legacy GT came with 18x7.5 +55 wheels from the factory with 225/45R18 tires.


Cool resource: http://www.willtheyfit.com/


If you enter in the specs of your tires in comparison to the LGT's specs, and things are pretty close, you'll probably be fine. In order to know if an 18x8 wheel, plus an appropriately sized tire, will rub, we'd need to know the offset to even have any idea. But... chances are probably good you'll be fine. But just to be sure, enter in the specs you're thinking about in the wheel/tire comparison tool and see just how much different things are.


Your speedometer difference will entire depend on the tire size you're considering. I'm not sure what your stock tire size is, but it's probably similar in size to the 225/45R18 that came on the LGT I'd wager.

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Assuming you are getting rid of your steelies, the tire shop can swap the existing TPMS sensors to your new wheels. They will likely charge a small fee to do that and my require a ~$5 service kit for each sensor.


As for going 17" or 18" I would base that on where you live and whether you'll run the same wheels year round. If you live somewhere with nice roads and no snow I'd go for the 18s. I would not run 18s in the winter if you live somewhere with snowy pothole ridden roads as the likelihood of bending a wheel is high when you run lower profile tires.

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