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Random misfire on 3 and 4

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So ill try to sum this up best I can and sorry if im posting in the wrong thread

so I have a 02 legacy wagon w/ej25 5 speed. I purchased this car in January with about 215k miles with a engine rebuild and head gaskets done etc. well I buy the car from a guy who works on subarus for a livin thinkin that would be a smart choice and put gas in it and less than 5 miles headed back home the cel comes on so I drive back and the guy suspects it was a bad wire because his code scanner said there was misfire on cylinder 3, so he replaced it and I drove the car from Olympia all the way to Spokane home and didnt have any hesitating or misfiring or cel till the next morning on my way to work the cel comes on, still no hesitating or any kind of real physical misfire that I can feel. so I pull the codes and I get misfire on 3 and a misfire code on cylinder 4 misfire so my first instinct check for spark, ive replaced all the plugs, wires, and coil pack and no success, so I moved the injectors around to see if I can move the misfire to another cylinder, didn't work so I started looking for vacuum leaks. I noticed that guy didn't have the proper pcv hose or valve and had that shit in there with rtv and I was able to pull the pcv valve out by hand... I assumed this was why I was having a misfire so I replaced the hose and pcv valve. Still getting a misfire ive even plugged the brake booster from the intake to see if that was getting me the random misfire still no good and I don't have a egr. Ive also done a compression test and got #4 155psi #3 153 #2 155 #1 150 and I checked the timing just in case and still getting a cel. it usually takes a day for the cel to come on after clearing it and it usually comes on when im in 2 gear revving to 3000 rpms that I catch the cel flashing at me and occasionally the light shuts off by itself until a day has passed and then it comes on again like usual. the car runs fine but very rarely will in run weird and when it does I gotta give it more gas then usual when I throttle and it will feel like its hesitating sometimes but it never gets terrible but most of the time it runs fine and if the cel wasn't on id probably never notice. I work at Honda so I got the tools to test everything if need be. id check maf sensor or fuel pressure/filter but I would think that would cause all cylinders to misfire?

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