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LGT 2011 DBA T2 disc brake with Hawk HPS pads

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I bought a disc/pad kit on my Legacy GT


But I'm not sure if I have the good parts :


Front rotor : DBA 2650S-10


Rear rotor : DBA 2663S-10 ?

Legacy GT has a rear ventilated rotor and not the DBA 2659S-10


Front pads : HB533 F.668

Rear pads : HB671 F.628


Thanks !!7891d23210a7ca87998bb1ab4e95ebcc.jpg


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The KNS 4K rotors I just put on (which are made by DBA for KNS Brakes) are slotted in the back, so my guess is that you've got the wrong rotor there. The part number on my rear rotors is KNS2663-10, so there's a very good chance that DBA2663S-10 would be the correct part just based on the part number.


I went with EBC pads, so I can't offer much help on your Hawk pads, but maybe someone running some flavor of Hawk pads will chime in.

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I believe that's the rear for the 2.5i? Pretty sure those aren't vented. GTeaser has the same rotors so he should have the right part number I would think.


Edit: If they sent you the wrong rotor it's possible you have the wrong rear pads as well. I'm pretty sure the rear pads are different for the 2.5i as well.

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I have Brembos, so not sure what the correct part numbers are. I do know that the GT takes rear vented rotors, so those are not right and probably for the 2.5i.


Verify part numbers with KNS Brakes, they will get you sorted out.

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