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Convert from twin scroll to single??

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Hey everyone


I was just wondering what I would need IF I was to go to a single scroll turbo instead of the twin scroll TD04HLA in my JDM BP5 at the moment.


What are the pros and cons of doing this? I know the twin scrolls spool faster but I much prefer the rumble of the unequal length headers compared to the equal length, and from what I have seen there is a much bigger market for the single scroll stuff.


Correct me if i'm wrong though :)


Thanks in advance

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Usdm header, uppipe, vf series turbo, potentially usdm tmic , AND A TUNE.


Pros, more aftermarket stuff available.


Cons, burnt out cylinder 4 , less power, cost.


Equal length headers are better. The subie rumble is the sound of inefficiency and exhaust pulse irregularity.

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I am running a JDM EJ20 with USDM VF40 single scroll. You need all the things said above, and you definitely need the US TMIC because the way it bolts on the turbo. Tune wise I just have the plain EJ255 USDM ECU's tune, works great.
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