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Leak Test Results for Potential New Car

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I've searched the forums and didn't find a specific leak down thread for 5th gens, so if there's a better thread for this, by all means.


I'm going to look at a 2010 legacy gt this weekend, which was a trade in at a subaru dealership. Overall it looks really clean: 2 owners, no accidents, decent mileage at 72700... then I had the dealership technician perform a compression and leak down test.

#1 - 135 psi/21%

#2 - 145psi/16%

#3 - 140psi/19%

#4 - 143psi/11%


I'm still going to look at the car. This seems really high, but I I wasn't sure if this was appropriate with the relative wear on the car. Let me know your thoughts, or if anyone has come across similar numbers.

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Probably not what you want to hear but that motor needs an overhaul, compression service limit is 142 psi with 7 psi differential allowed.


For the right price a rebuild would make this into a nice buy, but also check the transmission for excessive wear while you are at it.


Here is the page from the fsm for reference.


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Also if you are looking for a 5thgen that needs work there is a member with one also in need of a rebuild/shortblock but otherwise in great shape with some nice mods. For the price he is asking it would be well worth the rebuild.
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