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Feal 441 coilover review

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So I bought some feal 441 coils last month and installed them on my 5th gen about 3 weeks ago. Price was $1350 shipped. I kept the ride height stock. These coilovers feel great with the 8k front and 8k rear spring rates. They really level out the car in corners and under heavy braking/acceleration without much sacrifice of comfort in daily driving. Feal Suspension did a great job tuning these to the 5th gen. They really do ride nice. Bumps don't hurt but potholes, especially bigger ones, should definitely be avoided They come with the swift springs and the preload is already set correctly (I verified). I did have a lot of fun on some winding mountain roads tuning the adjustments on the dampers but they felt just about right on the middle (15 click) setting that they came set with. I did soften up the rear a few clicks. I think these will have some of the same issues with reliability as most coilovers have. Corrosion will probably be a problem if they aren't covered and the threads not sprayed with white lithium grease.

Overall, I am very happy with these.



Rides nice on the street


Aggressive enough for light track use/



Looks good


Swift springs


Ability to keep stock height


Price is fair



Suspension travel decreased around 1" - 1.5"


Bigger potholes suck with these


Rear adjustment needs separately sold extensions if you don't want to remove trunk panels to get to them.


Probable issues with corrosion that most coilovers have in road salt areas

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