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Bumper help - tabs popped out, one tab cracked


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I'm driving a 2016 Legacy Limited; had it since November 2015.


I'm not sure how it happened, but in the last week some dill-hole backed into the front passenger side of my car (and, of course, left the scene). What happened was the lower part of the front fairing popped out. I managed to push it back in, and it looks okay, but this also happened to my previous car which also had pretty low front fairing (a 2009 Corolla S), and I'm guessing it will most likely work its way back out and start flapping in the wind again. I'm asking for help because three of the tabs seemed to snap back into place, but the biggest tab, which is the one closest to the wheel well (and which is more like a plastic loop) was cracked. Again, I managed to push that one back into place, but given that it's cracked, I surmise it will work its way out again.


I've thought about all kinds of ways to repair this, from simple epoxy at the tab, to fancy toluene solvents like Lexel, to rubber cement, etc. Before trying any bonding agents or whatever, I'm hoping somebody here has some great advice on how to fix this with minimal effort and cost. I love my car, and I want it to last about 10 years, so I try to maintain it the best I can.




Thank you so much!

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