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Wheel/tire fitment with pinks??


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Im curently running 225/45/17 with a 7.5 inch wide STi rim and am having no rubbing problems whatsover.(didnt think I would).

If I lower the car with the pink STi springs and stay with the same tire size(225/45/17) will I have rubbing issues??? Anybody done this?? Opinions??

I really dont think I will have rubbing issues but I thought I would ask before I drop a dime to replace my almost worn out summer tires.


Thanks in advance



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Assuming stock height (top of the tire to the fender lip), I measured 4 fingers - pinky to index. Pinks will drop it to 2 fingers - index + middle.


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pinks, 18x8 prodrives & 225/40-18's. no rub, not even close.

And I really....really love the look of your car with em!



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