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Black Taillight Lens Outline?


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Doesn't the JDM taillight have a sort of black outline on the taillights, while the USDM ones have a sort of chrome on it?


If so, would it be possible to make USDM taillights have that black outline.


Do you guys know what I'm talking about? Haha.



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I know what you're talking about....


are you asking about smoking the chrome on the headlamps or tail lamps? in your question you typed headlamps, but at first you mentioned tail lamps....


but yeah, I would think you can you DIY blackout your headlamps following similar steps in the "clearing headlights" walkthru thread....added steps would be to mask off areas not needing paint, prepping areas that do, and painting housing with high-temp paint...


as far as tail lamps....we need an AUSDM or JDM owner to get tail lamp part numbers for us to compare to USDM numbers.....I would recommend buying the tail lamps if they're available vs. making your own....

If you can read this, you're following too close.



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