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KTA124, and what other bushings?

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Hey all you Leggy-Lovers got a long-winded question for ya:


I'm keen on getting the kta124 by whiteline, found it on Amazon and ebay for cheap, while I'm at it what other bushings, ball joints, and bolts should I upgrade to back there that don't come with the kta124 assembly? I want full poly bushings and moog or equivalent ball joints..


Found out my ass-end was a little squirrelly the other day after a spirited drive. Struts/springs or coilovers are in the future, but control first.


Thanks all!

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I would recommend rear diff bushings. Just the rear "insert" bushings make a huge difference, are cheap, and easy to install.


Be careful wishing for "full poly bushings" though, that's a recipe for potentially a lot of NVH.

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Not currently in stock :(

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I will look into those bushings thank you, I am somewhat leery about excessive NVH, but some extra noise won't bug me too much. I am steering clear of poly engine mounts for that reason, decided full group-N for pitch/tranny/motor mounts, already have the tranny mount and poly energy bushings, that increased a tiny bit of noise, but immediately felt the difference.
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