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Was there a face lift for these cars?

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So the reason I'm wondering if there was a facelift year is because I just bought some cars that don't actually fit. So I got the jdm headlights finally, and I can finally see down the road now, probably the best thing I've done to the car.


But the guy that sold me the headlights threw in a jdm e-tune grill as well which just looked a lot more aggressive. Looking at the grills though they didn't fit at all. The jdm one is a lot skinnier and my usdm one is larger and fills the gaps really well. Now mine is a 97 legacy gt and my brother has a 95 legacy ls, and the grill fits his car but not mine. And my 97 grill is far too bulky for his. I'm wondering if there is a difference between the 2.2 and 2.5 litre bodies


I'm not extremely worried about this but I wanted to confirm because I want to buy the rfrb grill and I don't want to drop so much money on it if it doesn't fit

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