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Shifter trim ring removal?

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What color are you going to paint it? I personally like teal, and have been playing around with the idea of repainting some of my interior pieces.


Looking at this, it looks like the center console trim lifts up, and then judging by this it looks like the shifter trim ring is held on by screws.


If you've never done this before, be careful, since you don't want to either twist and break anything or over tighten the screws on reassembly.

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Here's the back side of the chrome ring. Note 3 screws for removal. To get the whole center console up and out do as follows:


Pull up while holding the rear of the cup holder area. There are 6 clips total and the stubborn 2 at the front will require trim removal tools as shown.0ec9080ab2c73582597299930aadb7d3.jpga706a9eed676e6d6c08d2ef46c9c5f6b.jpg


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