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P2008 P2009 2005 Legacy GT

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Last night we went with family to diner and CEL has on and two codes popped up and it sounded almost like rod knock. These codes have been on and off consistently. I want to get this fixed and was watching youtube videos and little bit or researching.

Can I take manifold off and remove those TGV butterfly flaps and put manifold back on?

Other option is I have to buy expensive TGV delete kit and put that on and then access ECU with a cable hooked up to laptop or can it be done with smartphone and delete active codes once TGVs are deleted?


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I had one go bad a while back - I ended up just having the shop replace it....


I was under the impression TGV deletes don't help much until well into Stage 2+, and they end up being quite expensive.


IIRC - One of the two TGVs is pretty easy to access - while the other is quite a pain... I think I was charged ~$350 out the door to replace the one I had go (Easy access side)...


Edit: You can't just remove the flaps - You need to buy a reconfigured delete replacements - or remove them and modify them both... both of which require some extra time and effort and/or cost.

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