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92 fuel lines on 94?

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I am in the process of pulling the ej22 engine from my 94 non turbo legacy wagon. Things are going well except I managed to crush one of the metal fuel lines at the motor when I was taking off the fuel hose.


I found someone selling the entire hard fuel pipe assembly to replace, but it is for a 92 turbo. Will it fit on my 94 non turbo?


If that doesn't work some other ideas:

*Heating up metal and trying to uncrush it with pliers? This seems kind of sketchy especially since it is a fuel line.

*cutting the crushed part of the tube off, and extending the hose and connecting it to a nice straight section under the intake manifold. I see people who run hoses all the way to the fuel rails for the parallel mod, so I think this will work. I just need to get a tool to form a barb (bubble flare?) at the end where I cut off the pipe.




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