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01 GT Limited loss of all electrical power

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This morning after driving to work, when i shut off the engine i heard a pop in the speakers and then there was no electrical power in the car. Horn, lights, radio, engine, dash, nothing had power. Checked battery connections and were good. Fuse box under hood checked out too. I didnt remove any to check, just looked through the large ones with the clear top. Once i got back in the car i had power again. Started the car let it run for a few minutes then shut it off and it did it again but this time power returned within a few seconds. At this pount i noticed that my trip odometers had been cleared by them selves and that my radio had reset as well. Car is manual trans and unmodified. Only thing ive done is wire in a sound system 5 months ago and theres a gps disabler cause its financed. I know the disabler only kills the engine ignition power cause they messed up and disabled my car once. Where should i look for whatever this issue might be?
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