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2005 Outback disconnecting the factory Clock

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I am installing a new HD HU and have no use for the factory clock below the cubby. I have searched and searched and cannot find anything about deleting or disconnecting the factory clock.


Since the HU is HD it will keep the HU clock accurate unlike the stock clock



Opinions appreciated!

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Yes, except then you also lose all the data features on the OEM clock (outside temperature, MPG, range, trip time). And on 2005 models, you'll lose the 'night dimness cancellation' feature controlled by the "Bright" button.


Also, won't that make the airbag system complain (since the clock includes indicators for 'passenger airbag' on/off)?


The OP was originally looking for a way to disable just the clock portion. I told him via e-mail that since it's all one PC board inside, that wouldn't be easy.


His underlying complaint was that the OEM clock is slow or fast and constantly needs synchronizing (which he didn't want to have to keep doing). I wonder if there's a way to hack in an 'atomic' (radio) clock to sync it to the correct time once every night.


On 2007-2009 models, all you would need to do is electrically press the DISP button (to wake up the clock while the key is off), then press the "SET" button at the top of an hour. That will reset the minutes and seconds to 00:00. But 2005 clocks don't have the SET button.

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