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Would a ATOTO 7in M4272 fit for Subary Legacy Premium 2.5i 2013


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Hello i just purchase a 2013 Subaru Legacy and looking to change the Radio. I'm not familiar on what will fit or not.

Anyone know if this would fit? Or do i need additional kit?

ATOTO 7"Touchscreen Android Car Stereo/Radio/2DIN GPS Navigation Bluetooth M4272


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Yes it will fit and yes you will need a DDIN (double din) dash kit if you don't have the factory nav unit. If you have the factory nav ( large screen ), you might have to get the factory bezel for the standard radio so you can use the dash kit. I haven't put one in a nav equiped vehicle, so I'm going off of pictures and experience. Maybe someone who has done one of those (If that's what you have) will chime in. You'll also need whatever corresponding wire harness/'s as well to make the electrical connections.
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