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Opinion Needed - EJ20G

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My local RI says that they can get me a complete EJ20G for around $650 shipped, but if I pick it up I can get it for around $500 or less since I'm local. This is the same RI I bought the JDM EZ30 motor from for my girlfriends Outback, advertised at $1000 shipped and I picked it up from their shop for $799 plus tax = $860. They are from the 98 SF5 Forester Turbo.


I put out a feeler on my local Subaru group on Facebook and asked if it was an open or closed deck and found out it was an open deck motor, but has thick sleeves.


One of my friends told me that with using 1000cc injectors, a Garrett GT30R turbo, larger TMIC, and full exhaust, I can push close to 350 awhp at the wheels. That is about where my goal is.


I wanted to find an EJ20R and do a single turbo conversion or use a EJ22T block with EJ20K heads, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding any of those items.


How feasible is this motor to push that motor that much?

Is it a good deal on that motor?

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