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KRB ... why didn't you warn me?


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So I'm out at the Dallas Karting Complex (again) cruising around in one of the "adult" karts which are 60+ mph Sodi karts. At first it's a little scary because these things are actually pretty intense compared to your little kid karts and you can easily spin/slide/go off the track. But this isn't my first time, and despite slower riders out today, I hit my best lap time ever.


Coincidentally, that lap time (76.5 s on a 0.8 mile track) was 2.5 seconds faster than required to qualify to take out a Sodi GTMAX which is 100 lbs lighter and 2.5x more HP than the "normal" adult karts. But it's still just a kart. How fast can it be, right?






Somewhere between 10, and 12,000 RPM, I think I ruined my pants. I cannot believe how fast these things are, and no seat belt, no roll cage, nothing. The thing that really scares me is that this kart is probably small fries to you... wtf are you driving???




This isn't my video, but it's the same kart at the same track:


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Two stroke rentals? Good for them. Proper racing motors.


You get used to the speeds. I've raced at two tracks where we got to about 100 mph on long straights and had 70 mph turns. But my kart probably had twice the power of those rentals you were in. My kart had about 23-25 hp and would wind out to 16,000 rpm. I tried a 125 built shifter once and it was scary but not too bad becz my local 3/4 mile track would let you make use of the power, but it did blast out of tight turns like a demon.


Glad you had fun. Keep it up.


And no roll cage becz then the kart wouldn't turn. Since karts have a solid rear axle, the frame and axle flex to get it to turn by lifting the inside rear wheel slightly. Otherwise, the kart would just understeer or go straight. So the frame flexes (which on some karts can be adjusted by removable cross bars in the frame) or by putting in a harder or softer axle or by extending or decreasing the rear track width. A roll bar would stiffen up the frame too much and ruin handling. And no belts becz you don't want to stay with the kart if you flip. I've seen a guy two karts in front of me break his neck that way when the kart flipped like a switch and he didn't come out of the seat.

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