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leak in rear diff / axle - 13' Outback 3.6


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Hey guys,


Just looking if I can get some expertise or suggestions on this.

I noticed a few drops what looked like oil on the garage floor a couple of weeks ago. Didn't think much since it wasn't a lot, but have been keeping an eye on it.

I finally jacked it up after work and saw that it looked like it was leaking fluid right after the rear diff heading into the axle. I took some photos for reference.

I'm planning on taking it to a dealership this weekend, just thought I'd throw it out there for initial suggestions on the matter, and anyone's experienced it.





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What was the final word from dealer with the leak that you had? I am currently seeing the same condition that you had. It almost appears that the fluid it's coming from the mounts themselves. Could the cover be compromised at the two hard points to allow fluid from the rear diff to leak out?



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