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Emblem Overlays

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Good morning all!


I know this has been briefly touched on in a few different threads, however I would like opinions on the best quality emblem overlays for my '14. I have already taken off my fron emblem, sanded off the blue and painted the background black. It looks good, but time for change and I want to try an overlay.


Any advice is great!

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I highly recommend Pro Stickers/EmblemOverlays.com. Fantastic product for the money, tons of designs to pick from, and they can do custom designs too if you're feeling inspired. They they're fit and cut is perfect for every model/year combination. You also get an overlay for front, rear, and steering wheel. Only thing is sometimes they're delivery is a bit slow.




I had them do up a custom design with the rising sun under the stars, and they were great to work with and the final product came out excellent.




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