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has anyone ever swapped pzev for a std motor

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so ive got this 2005 legacy which had a timing belt failure, before i picked the car up the motor was replaced with a normal ej25 (253 i believe). So the kid who had done this work kinda caused a mess and just wanted to off load the car. so because the exhaust no longer fit he just had a manifold on it and scraped the exhaust system as well as all 5 o2 sensors. what i did too get the car running was welding in o2 bungs in the same location that the front 2 af ratio sensor are in a pzev manifold and because im missing 3 o2 sensors and dont have a egr passage in the head i flashed the ecu to remove the codes that i had from missing parts. i needed to do that in order to pass inpection for the most part the car runs well but so far ive driven 500 or 600 miles and the car quit out on my 3 times this last time i had missfires before it happened wait 2 or 3 hours and it starts up and runs fine again


symtoms :

1. missfire before shut down

2. cooling of the car for a few hours starts and runs good

3. i dont have a cat and at times i smell fuel stronger then others seems to be something going on there

4. i noticed that the exhaust seems to get loud when this issue hits and later its back to normal at first i thought i had a pluged cat but i removed that so i guess thats not my issue it did glow red once but idk if my timing was wacked i had missfires like crazy at first but seemed too resolve its self after i replaced a damaged crank sensor (kid before tried to remove it and it was stuck so the parts had been turned inside the case)


lol i know it sounds like a mess and it is just looking for anyone who might have gone down this road, also maybe theres a change that the tgv's are causing this idk any help would be great

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I don't know about the 2005 PZEV, but the later PSEV are the same motor. Its just the tune, charcoal intake filter and catalytic converter that is different. The were some changes to the motor between 2005 2.5i and 2006-2009 2.5i (including the exhaust being different). Perhaps the prior owner swapped in a later 2.5i motor.
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