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'04 STI and '97 OB steering rack hard line compatibility

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Hello, I just opened the box for a reman 04 STI steering rack and saw that both hard lines that came with the rack were both bent/pinched. I'm swapping my old Outback rack for it & was wondering if both hard lines from the '97 OB would fit on the STI rack?


Secondly, would anyone advise bending the hard lines back into place? Even with an appropriate tube bender?


Thanks guys





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Yep, the rack didn't include two hard lines that went from the gearbox to the PS pump, so i transferred them over. My rack is technically from a 00-07 Impreza, but it's the same chassis, and same rack as the 04 STI. The hard lines that were on there already did need to be modified to clear the subframe, but nothing too major.
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Thanks again for the help Setnev :)

I was able to get my old rack off the car today & tried fitting the OB hard lines on the STI rack, won't work. Different thread pitch and length, and about a centimeter offset. But the lines from the pump to the rack did fit fine like you said!

I will have to wait for Monday to place an order for the new lines, and for the welding shops to open too.

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Sorry to dig up this old thread but I was just wondering. What all had to be done to make this work?


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It’s okay. So to complete the swap, I had to buy an ‘04 steering rack, an 04 steering shaft-to-rack linkage (eBay), new STi rack hardlines since they came damaged, and the STi hardline clamps that mount around the rack’s main tube - OB rack has smaller diameter. You may need to get new rack mount bushings, and I think they are identical between chassis.


In my case the 97 OB hardlines could not replace my damaged STi lines. The thread sizes don’t match on the rack side, but are the same on the pump side.


Everything installs nicely, save for the steering linkage. You will need to take the rack end of the STi link, and weld it onto the OB link, whilst maintaining the original OB link’s overall length. If you need more info, I can dig around for my Forum source for the swap, IIRC there were pics too.

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