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2016 OEM Multimedia System question...


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Hi all,


I have a 2016 Legacy 3.6R that I picked up just this past March. I connect via USB and Bluetooth an iPhone 6s Plus. No issues with that. Plays music, answers and makes calls, reads messages, etc...all's good.


This morning, I connect the iPhone via USB as usual, phone automatically connects via Bluetooth at the same time. The new thing I've never seen before is, beside the AUDIO SOURCE button on the Home screen...there is a (2). I've never seen that (2) before. I tried looking in the manual what it might mean but I couldn't find anything. The way I understand it, there are 2 iPhone devices in it's stored memory. My phone is the only phone that has ever been connected to this car via USB.




Has anyone, does anyone, have this happen? It doesn't affect the phone connectivity or its ability to play music. Just curious why it'd doing it and how to get rid of it. Tried looking for any source list that the deck keeps but couldn't find it. Bluetooth devices list only has my phone present. Plugged and unplugged the phone a few times. Turned off and on the car a couple of times thinking it was a glitch and clear itself but no.


Thanks in advance.

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Alright, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed BUT, I am willing to learn. Went on Twitter and found @askSubaruCanada page. Fired off a tweet about this mysterious (2) and they replied back within a couple of hours...


"If your Legacy has navigation, it will have 2 USB ports. Your phone is in port 2"


Wait...2 USB ports? What? Well FML. I blindly plugged in the cable yesterday afternoon into port 2 not knowing it actually identifies on the screen the port being used. Live and learn.


Thanks all.

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Sorry, sorry, got too excited. Got to my car after work and started switching the plug from the bottom port to the top port and....the (2) still shows up. So, whichever port I have the iPhone plugged in, the (2) is there.


Tried switching ports when the car was on, tried switching when the car was off. (2) stays.


Darn it.

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