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05 LGT wheel from Rock Auto


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I need one wheel to replace the one I bent in a Philadelphia pothole. A local source wants $200 for a replacement but I found a reconditioned OEM wheel(s) at Rock Auto. (Careful if you are looking to order from Rock, they show 2 available choices but the second doesn't look like what I want, and the small print says this fits a "Legacy Outback"). My car is a 2005 Legacy GT wagon in dark blue. I am puzzled by color choices of "bright silver" or "medium silver". I would say bright is right, but did Subaru offer a choice or change the color after 2005 or 2006?


Thanks for the help. PS The OEM reconditioned is $135 including shipping to my zip (08081).

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All 4th gen GT 5 spoke wheels are the same color. The design of the center cap is different but you'll never notice.


Look in the for sale forum, you may find one.


I have a local wheel shop that repairs all kinds of wheels. I would think in NJ there must be one close to you.


Call Mike or Rey at http://www.AZPinstalls.com and see if they know someone.

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Follow up: Bright silver was the perfect color match. The reconditioning was high quality work and I am happy with the price: $132 delivered.

I asked Rey if they had any oem wheels at the shop....not at this time. Unfortunately the sale forum had none.

Several people cautioned me about wheel repair. For what I paid at Rock Auto seeking a wheel repair shop wasn't worth the trouble. A crack might be one issue, but my wheel was bent and the runout was enough to prevent the tire from seating properly.

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