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Audible ticking coming from engine

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So today I got a new e-tune map and flashed it and it was working well. No knock, smooth acceleration, all seemed well so I figured I would pull it a little harder on the on ramp to see how it did.


I slammed on the gas and it took off but within a few seconds it started to sputter a bit and I heard some ticking coming from the engine and the brake light started flashing as well as check engine and traction control. No knock events occurred, DAM stayed at 1, AFR was in an acceptable range as well as A/F learning. but my boost hit 17.75, I've always run low wastegate maps so 14.5 was the most I would see regularly. The lights all went away within 30 seconds of coming on.


The car ran fine after I let off the gas and i drove for a few miles and nothing has happened since but at 90K my worst fear is that the ticking was the timing slipping :eek:


Any idea what the ticking could be or is there something else I should look at praticularly? I do know that my clutch is ready to be replaced, like right now, so that could explain the stutter.


I'll be driving grandma style for the next couple of weeks until I can diagnose whats up.

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Probably a boost leak. Check the throttle body hose and also the small diameter vacuum line under the middle back of the intake manifold near the PCV, that one seems to pop off from time to time.

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