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Looking to buy and install a blow off valve.

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So I'm new to dealing with turbos. I'm wanting to get a blow off valve on my 05 Legacy GT, still has the stock turbo, but I have no clue what kind of blow off valve I should be looking at. So what should I be looking for? Like what are good brands? What's a good ballpark price for a blow off valve? Which ones in people's experience have the best sound quality and longevity? Thanks in advance for the help



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You don't want to be getting a blow off valve for your '05 LGT. These are MAF sensor cars, and all air past the intake needs to be metered and accounted for. A blow off valve will act as a leak and mess up your fuel trims.


You can get an aftermarket bypass valve (BPV) that serves a similar purpose of a BOV but does not vent to atmosphere (VTA). Aftermarket BPVs will make a slightly louder noise sometimes, but nothing like an actual VTA BOV.

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Not currently in stock :(

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