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Aftermarket sunroof fitment


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Does anybody out there have experience (good or bad) with aftermarket fitment of sunroofs to the LGT?


-structural issues?

-warranty issues?

- rust?

- do the LGTs with factory fitted sunroof use different sheet metal pressings for the roof? or are the "factory" sunroofs fitted in the same way as aftermarket?


Dealer is refusing to take responsibility for fitment..... but I'm not keen on having an aftermarket company use a can opener on my new baby...!

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Guest *Jedimaster*

Sunroofs don't rust- they're made out of glass :p


Seriously, it's gonna come down to the quality of the product and the expertise of the installer. A lot of people recommend Webasto.

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Thanks Jedimaster. I feel much more confident now I know that the glass is corrosion resistant.....!:lol:


As you say Webasto/Hollandia seem to be the experts in the field. I'm talking to their local importer and will inspect some of their work before making up my mind.... The Webasto product seems to be superior to the factory sunroof in some respects. It's just the possible problems associated with cutting the hole in the roof that worry me!


I'm still in disbelief that Subaru Australia has deleted the standard sunroof from their top of the range "tuned by STi" LGT model, when virtually every other car in the range, with the exception of the base model, has one.... I'll probably never understand their logic...

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