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Grom BT3 and Satellite Radio

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I have P-204UH w/ Sirius Sat Radio hooked up. I'm trying to figure out if the Grom BT3 (SUB08B3), which connects to the satellite plug, can be put inline and still allow access to the sat radio. Anyone have both working? If so, how do you switch between them?
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The data bus can support multiple devices, things like the GROM and iSimple stuff spoof that they are multiple devices to change inputs. The harness supports pass through as well.


So in theory yes, but you'll have to check to be sure.

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I installed the GROM BT-3 today. Even though it plugs into the satellite plug (daisy chain), it is accessible from the AUX control on the front. Awesome setup. I now have the Nexus 7 USB DAC plugged into 3.5mm, USB power for the iPhone, Bluetooth controls for iPhone and can even control music from the buttons on the stock P-204UH stereo. Very happy with the setup, sound is clean and crisp.
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I bought the GROM IPD4 for my 08 LGT Sat NAV and believe I connected it in the right way. Basically I pulled out my iSimple Audio gateway and reconnected to the same dins.


My playback keeps cutting out when set to Sat 1. It'll play 1-2 seconds, cut out and play another 1-2 and eventually switch from Sat 1 to Sat 01.


Perhaps I connected it incorrectly?

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I have the same unit in my 08 OBXT. Have you tried flashing the unit to the latest firmware?

That did the trick for me.


Firmware is found here: https://gromaudio.com/software-ipd3.html


Just make sure you select the correct options. If that doesn’t work, try their online help. They were quick to reply when I had some questions about which set up to order from them.

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