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Timothy.B's - 2011 3.6R Limited - Build Thread

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Well folks, I think it's about time I've collected all my madness into a thread. Doc says I'm permanently infected with the mod bug, so.



Jones Turbine Mufflers 2.5" (JT2525) w/ burnt 4" tips and Dynomax 18" Race Bullet Resonator (24236)

(I really wasn't sure how I was gonna like these but they really grew on me. The Jones Turbines have a really nice tone and don't seem to affect the unique sound of the H6 at all)

AEM Dry-Flow filter 28-20304

Motul 300V 5w40 (Switched to 5W30 Castrol GTX High Mileage Synthetic Blend)


HKB MK3 Miniblade Voltage Booster (brings the charging voltage up so the AGM battery charges correctly)Link Here


Amsoil Signature Series ATF Fluid

Amsoil Severe Gear 75w90

CKE 5EAT Transmission Performance Bushing 75d Link Here


Tuning and Monitoring:

XRT 93 Octane E-Tune w/ Stage 2 5EAT-ECU

Link To Tuning Profile


  1. A lot went into the tuning of my 3.6R. I spent a lot of time with Edward Millington from Xtreme Racing Tuning (Barbados E-tuner) on perfecting the tune. I have easy access to 93 octane here in Ohio so that seemed the best idea.
This here shows a pretty good comparison of stock on 87 octane vs tuned on 93. The power figure isn't the final figure. This is more to show where gains are. It's also much more noticeable under 2500 RPM. Additionally this is only 2nd gear. 3rd gear I averaged about 220-230whp. After adding the catback the power figure was the same as my best winter performance figures (233whp) but in warmer spring time, so my best guess on the most optimal day about 245whp and average of 230whp.
This is a comparison of the OEM air filter vs the AEM air filter. Slight bump.
As for the indirect tuning of the 5EAT, all I can say is really is it's great. The throttle is much more responsive. It's instant take off. Gears shift much more crisp now and less sluggish. It was a lot of back and forth with developing the ROM with Ed but well worth it in the end. It's been a few years now with running the tune without any issues. Highly recommend XRT for this platform.


Stage 1 5EAT-ECU:

Stage 2 5EAT-ECU:


XRT Torque Management Patch: http://xtremeracingtuning.com/2017/06/11/307/


Tactrix Openport 2.0


Romraider Logger

OBDLink LX Bluetooth Scan Tool

BTSSM Android App



CKE FSB Performance Bushings (awaiting install) Contact CKE Here for Bushings

CKE RSB Performance Bushings

Perrin Steering Dampener Lockdown Kit (PSP-SUS-565)

Subaru OEM '13-14' 26mm (FSB 20401AJ00A, Bushings: 2 x 20414AJ10A)

RalliTEK HD Front Adjustable Endlinks (RTEK-113704)

Subaru Forester 20mm RSB Kit: Link Here

RalliTEK HD Rear Adjustable Endlinks (RTEK-113156)

Eibach Pro-Kit 1" Lowering Springs 7722.140

Koni Sport Adjustable Strut inserts (Front 8610-1453S, Rear 8010-1055S)

Subaru Group N Top Hats (Front, Rear)



Auto Art CT Master Cylinder Brace

DBA 4K Rotors and Hawk HPS 5.0 pads

Motul RBF 600 Dot 4 Brake Fluid


Wheels and Tires:

Stock wheels w/ Yokohama Iceguard iG52c Winter Tires

Enkei TS10 18x8.5 +45 w/ Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ 245/45R18

Muteki SR35 Black Tuner Lugnuts



OEM Subaru Door Sills

DIY Foam Bolster Seats

Mewant White Stitched Steering Wheel Cover

Mewant White Stitched Shifter Cover

3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber Wrapped Trim

Soundbot SB360 Bluetooth Kit

Future Plans: STI style brake, throttle pedal and foot rest.



Bayson R V-Limited Front Lip

OEM Trunk Lip

OEM Splash Guards

VViViD Satin Stealth Jet Black Vinyl Wrapped Window Trim

Color Matched CMOD grill with Subaru Emblem and Custom Mesh Grill/Lower

ABS Lower Mesh



Anzo knock-off Headlights with Zenex 6K HID's (Uninstalled)

OEM 2013-2014 Headlights with VLED Micro Extreme Low Beams

VLED 6K Dome, Map, Door Puddle, License Plate and Trunk Lights.

2015 Ford Mustang LED Foglight Swap



Ammo NYC Products (for exterior/interior)

Ammo Skin Sealant and Ammo Creme Carnuba Wax

Highly recommend Ammo NYC Mud Tire Gel for tire and trim dressing. First thing I've used that actually stays on for a long time.

Rattly Harbor Freight DA Polisher w/ Lake Country 5" and 3" backing plate.

Lake Country Orange Cutting Pads, Meguiars MF cutting pads and Lake Country Black Finishing Pad

Mother's Clay Bar

IPA 50/50 Mix for Wipe Down

100 Assorted Microfiber Towels




* Updated Pics 4/12/2017 *






* *Update 8/10/2017* Where does time go? *




* *Update 10/11/2017* Mewant Steering Wheel Cover and Shifter Cover*


* *Update 12/12/2017* 6K VLED's installed in puddle lights, dome, map, trunk and license plate.*








* *Update 3/22/2018* Wrapped the grill with Avery gloss black vinyl.*


* *Update 5/3/2018* Enkei TS-10's back on! She's also at her new home :)*




* *Update 6/22/2018* Cars and Coffee Meet - Thanks to Shades Media (local Legacy owner) *








* *Mini Update 9/27/2018* VViViD Stealth Jet Black Vinyl wrapped window trim. *


* *Update 10/19/2018* Koni/Eibach Installed Finally*


* *Update 4/19/2019* Colormatched Cmod Grill *




* *Update 5/7/2019* Jones Turbine Mufflers w/ Burnt Tips *




* *Update 8/29/2019* Lower Mesh and Plate Delete*




* *Update 10/03/2020* 2013-2014 OEM Headlights with VLED Micro Extreme Low Beams *











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Go Timmy!!! LOL!


Looking forward to more.

GTEASER's 2012 Legacy GT - Sold

GTEASER's 2009 XTeaser - Sold

GTEASER's 1992 Legacy SS - Sold


Stapp's Law: “The universal aptitude for ineptitude makes any human accomplishment an incredible miracle.”


"Simple incompetence is a far more sinister force in the world than evil intent."

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Middle schoolers are mean little shits!

GTEASER's 2012 Legacy GT - Sold

GTEASER's 2009 XTeaser - Sold

GTEASER's 1992 Legacy SS - Sold


Stapp's Law: “The universal aptitude for ineptitude makes any human accomplishment an incredible miracle.”


"Simple incompetence is a far more sinister force in the world than evil intent."

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What master cylinder brace are you going to install. Love to see some picks & a short write up on it. Most of the master cylinder braces, from my understanding, need to be modified to fit the 5th gen 3.6. But I've never looked into in myself. I have kept my eyes open!
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Um, a member on the 5th Gen Legacy group, Luis...I can't recall his full name at them moment. He was able to get a group by for the Cusco master cylinder brace knockoff. Comes with all the hardware. It should be arriving shortly. I'll post something up here when I get it installed.


Currently I have the 4K DBA rotors and HPS 5.0 pads on the way. Gonna install those, the Goodridge lines and do a brake fluid flush. After...not sure what will happen. I'm thinking of skipping the CMOD grill and using my own. I'm gonna glue the front and rear part of the stock grill together, cut the old mesh and wing parts out, use some bondo to fill the gaps around the sides, sand it, plastic adhesive prime it, gray primer, few coats of base, few coats of clear. Use a ABS plastic mesh off eBay and mount up the stock emblem to the front. I've got some white star/dark blue vinyl overlays for the front and rear. Some cool stuff planned.


Also gonna try to do some sort of black outline of the rear tail lights. Fingers crossed I can purchase Anzo's this year and install my Morimoto 2-Strokes that have been sitting in the closet. I've got lots to do this year. No lacking in projects :lol:


I have some of the suspension but I'd like to do a catback first. The stock exhaust is just too quiet for my liking. The plan at the moment is a large Magnaflow glass pack (about 25" long or so) paired with two Magnaflow mufflers, all 2.5" ID. Most likely will have a drone tubed fabbed up as well, depending on how it sounds. Afterward I'm gonna get the rear Koni's, extra parts and assemble the fronts and rears. Planning on doing the rear LCA at the time too so I can have the camber adjusted accordingly.


Then...Raptor headers time.


The real dream won't stop there though. Talking with Ed from XRT. Once it's paid off and I have a second reliable daily, it'll probably sit a lot more often and I'll try to work on a twin turbo setup. Just two stock WRX turbo's. He said the stock ECU will work fine. FMIC and bring it to a safe 10psi. No clue at the cost of all this though.

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Ahh yes, parts came today. These front rotors are beastly, good Lord.




I ordered some replacement hardware for the transmission mount since it's rusted to hell underneath there. Buddy from our tuner group made copies of the RalliTEK 5EAT bushing insert. He's not selling them for profit, don't worry. Just a couple for friends. Greens probably closer to what the "soft" one is. Also going to try and tackle the Whiteline rear diff bushing inserts.



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^^Your buddy wanna make form 26mm front sway bar bushings?


Whiteline AU and Hard Race Japan is the only place to get these, that I'm aware of.


The OEM part number for the ones that fit the 26mm bar is 20414AJ10A. http://parts.subaru.com/p/Subaru__/BUSHING-STABILIZER-D25/49230290/20414AJ10A.html


I have these on mine with my OEM 26 mm FSB and they fit perfect. You just looking for more stiffness with the aftermarket ones?

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  • 3 weeks later...

Got my brakes done this week! I'm very happy that I did them when I did. The front inner pads weren't looking too good...




There was quite a bit of brake dust built up on one part of the retainer clips so the pads we're only braking on one side. Explains why my braking as of late had greatly diminished. All the pins are re-greased and moving good now.




Out with the old.




In with the new. DBA 4K rotors and Hawk HPS 5.0 pads.


I might skip cleaning up and painting the calipers and just do a swap at some point. They're pretty beat up and it's only 6 years in so far. The rears don't look nearly as bad as the fronts.


Really happy with the setup. Took a trip down south the last two days. Climbing and descending hills all day. I can brake with confidence for sure.


I installed the last bolt in the master cylinder brace. It's nice and stiff now. The brakes are very linear. When I was bedding in the pads, I noticed my sunroof cover sliding shut :lol: Definite improvement over stock.


Might return with a pic of the MCB at some point.


Up next is that transmission bushing I've been putting off and the rear diff inserts.

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I got a few things done the past few days. The seat bolstering DIY.






I got to drive around a bit today and it's a decent improvement. It's a bit more comfortable too. I pull the seat belt tight and I feel locked in better. I forget this sometimes when taking a turn where I used to brace myself against the center console, haha. Good stuff.


I did the 5EAT transmission insert as well.




Forgot to take a pic of it in. I just wanted it done after laying on the ground on my back for an hour, getting the mount off. Glad I ordered new hardware. One of the bolts almost stripped coming out because it was so corroded.


A member of the tuner group made a copy for me of his using his own PU mix. I posted a pic of it earlier. It fits in the recess of the stock bushing.




There's a bit more exhaust noise, which is normal. The shifts are much firmer now, the car squats a bit more under heavy acceleration, especially from a stop and it actually feels how it should be.


Here's a video of the MCB.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4INwWAMVURg]5th Gen Legacy MCB[/ame]


I tightened it up a bit after this and got the final screw in the strut tower so it's probably even better than this. Just gives you an idea how it works. This is one of those "must buy" mods. I still need to do the rear diff bushing inserts. Can't wait for that.


I tried outlining the taillights with some black pinstripe vinyl tape but it didn't work how I hoped. I'm probably just gonna have to get the taillight smoke and mask it off.




And finally, something I'm gonna work on soon that I'm sure will look great.




Dipped rear badges with white face fronts and a red "R". This is gonna be for my front grill. The final product will look a lot better. I'm gonna use a sponge next time to paint the fronts. This was done with a paint pen which just kinda ran off where it wanted. You get the idea though.


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  • 2 weeks later...

*Small Update*


I'm currently trying to get a video of this in action.


Ed sent me a test for the Torque Management Patch (http://xtremeracingtuning.com/2017/06/11/307/) a week or so ago and I must say, the car leaps from a stop much better now. Also doesn't seem to hold back as much under full throttle. It's a nice improvement on the already nice improvements. I'm waiting for a GoPro frame mount to come in the mail so I can mount up to the window and get some gauge cluster and over hood view. This is all I have at the moment.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6QgOndcNc4]XRT Torque Management Patch[/ame]


Edit: He sent me another ROM to try out for another MAP in regards to torque management it seems. Feels as if the car moves from the stop even quicker. The rear end squats so much. There will be video at some point of this. Either from outside or mounted inside the car. Car has come a long way from a year ago at the start of tuning.

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Had a productive day. Front and rear diff fluid change. Oil changed over to Motul 300V 5w40, swapped headlights to Eagle Eyes and installed the front lip. I'll get a better pic later and place it in the first thread post. Waiting on 6000k HID's to come in the mail.





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*Small Update*


Loving the new lip and headlights. Still need to work on adjusting the Anzo's low beam and high beam directions but they're acceptable for the moment. Getting a lot of comments. Even the girlfriend said they looked good.




Edward from XRT sent me another update. He even commented that a year later, he still has updates. Exciting stuff. The latest is a small change but noticeable.


100% Pedal wasn't equaling 100% throttle opening. Not sure what he changed but now 100% pedal is the full beans. It's another great smal improvement.

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You make it hard to choose a 2018 WRX lease over a used 13-14 3.6R. I would love to mod one like you have. I still have a couple months to decide.


Come drive mine :lol: It's very well rounded at this point. The next pricey upgrade will be finish the suspension. It's due for it.


I'm contacting a few local places to see how much custom headers will cost.

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