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2007-2009 Spec.B Production Numbers

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Ha, amazing. That's the one. Do you know any history on it?

Produced 04-04-2006. The next '07 CADM Spec.B wasn't produced until 07-11-2006.


No real clue tbh. It came up forsale maybe two-three years ago. Many people went and saw it but didn't believe it was a real spec. B due to the colour and a few other things. On top of the fact that the then current owner had rear ended someone and it needed a bit of work. My buddy picked it up and after having it for less then a yr decided he was leaving the country and needed to sell the car quickly. So he sold it to me and I have been trying to clean it up, and fix everything on it since picking it up last August.

#LGTSTi is still cheaper and nicer then an equal year wrxsti

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I have one of the QSM 08 USDM, too bad when I bought it at auction the insurance company and auction people sold it parts only bill of sale. Title has now been branded junk and the only thing wrong with it was some hail damage. They likely lost the title and took the loss but I'm 95% done transferring all the spec b parts into a refreshed 08 DGM LGT.


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I just came across this today, but it looks like one of the two Premium Red cars from 2008 recently went up for auction in the fall of 2020. Someone got a pretty great deal too!




Wow! That's super cool! Great looking color - I'd buy one.

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