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Missed out on my 06 Outback, could cry !

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I would think owning a six cylinder Outback in the UK would be an expensive ownership proposition between the not-so-good fuel economy and road tax based on carbon emissions. There are so many different brands of cars on the road in the UK as compared to USA & Canada, but Subaru are definitely in a small minority there so servicing would be one of my concerns.
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I thought I had, sorry, yeah NZ. Andy Macs been a big help. Andy Mac il make u jump jump ;-p.


Well I have legacy 06 spec B options. She is telling me it has bilstein shocks, but had to replace the rare springs, are the shocks different to the springs, i mean can you use different springs with bilstein? It was sagging. I had my 2.5 96 do the same, but it was dumped (lowered) so you really noticed it.


Also the dealers have a lot of legacy sedans, B4s. Are the B4 sedan good?


Very nervous buying an imported car, how do i know it wasnt damaged prior etc. Can i ask to see the import sheet?


Generally at a dealer a B4 sedan at 110000km 04ish is about $7000nzd. An outback similar KMs is about $9k.


The Legacy Wagon B Spec private sale of an ex import im looking at is $7200 at 170000km.


Trying to weigh up value, so hard to find NZ new with our crappy sales system called Trademe, unlike Ebay which I had in Aussie, the search engine is Shizer.

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