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Groaning noise during wheelspin. Differential?

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A little while ago I noticed the car would make some less-than happy noises under hard acceleration.


It only seems to happen if the tires are just barely spinning, like what would happen if you floor it while making a slight turn.


From the driver's seat, I usually notice the sound coming from the passenger-front wheel area if I'm making a right turn under power, but it also did the same thing in the rear while accelerating in the snow.


It doesn't seem like a wheel bearing/trans/brake noise, since it only does it under pretty much full power, and only at low enough speeds where a tire will break loose slightly and fight for grip. Under normal driving conditions, the car is completely fine.


Also it doesn't make the noise at all if the tires are spinning a lot, like they would be if you were sliding around in the snow.



I'll know in a couple of days if the car makes the same noise with my winter tires fitted, or if it goes away.

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My wife's BRZ did that, because it has a limited slip rear diff.

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My audi's did that sound and so does my lgt. I think it's just the sound of the clutch packs in the center diff. Gripping after some slip or something.



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I think you might be right. It only seems to happen when the tires are at the edge of grip, fighting for traction. If would make sense that the diff is basically freaking out having to switch "modes" rapidly. When I've completely blown the tires off doing donuts or something, I don't notice it and things sound normal.


I feel better, and not like the car is going to break (for this reason).

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I'll attest to my wagon making the same noise. I always assumed it was the AWD system doing its thing. My truck did the same as well when 4WD was engaged.


Another thing for the "I guess it just does that" category.

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My 3.0R does that too. I thought it was the tires rubbing on something, but never found where. Guessing it's the AWD system working.


Yeah, it does sound a lot like a tire rubbing, although mine do not.

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