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I don't think Koni inserts are suppose to do this...

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Found a pothole. Managed to FUBAR a steel wheel and do this in the process...




:eek: That's a little scary.


On the plus side, the additional 1" drop up front probably looks great :redface:

LW's spec. B / YT / IG
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So, are you implying that the insert was defective? With the inserts correctly installed, the weight of the car is supposed to bear on the top of the strut housing, not the bottom. The bottom bolt just locates the center of the strut in the housing and keeps the insert firmly joined to the strut housing. There should be clearance space between the bottom of the insert and the bottom of the strut housing. What does the top of that damaged strut assembly look like after hitting that pothole?


Do you have the stock amount of suspension travel? Or have you lowered the car and cut the bump stops? The bump stops should stop the strut piston from ever bottoming out.


Someone recently posted they hit an ice patch and curbed one of their front wheels pretty hard. It bent several front suspension members and was going to cost $3000 to repair. Was their front suspension defective?

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Same here (stock springs).


The insert has these little nubs that are supposed to engage the top of the housing. In the picture you posted, it looks as though the bottom of the insert was bearing on the donor housing. Is it possible the donor housing was cut too short? Was there a clearance space at the bottom of the housing when you installed the housing?



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