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Radio Acting Funny

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So recently my radio started acting really funny. I can be listening to the radio or using a FM transmitter to listen to my own music and the little screen on the deck would freeze up and the radio would be unresponsive. If I was to unplug my battery it would shut off and i can turn it on again but it would do the same thing. I have the stock radio in there and never did do anything to it. One day while going to work it froze up on me and i didn't have a tool to unplug my battery so i just left it as is. after work the car started up fine with the radio still frozen just as i left it. Got home and unplugged the battery and all is good. the next day my battery was dead. i bought a new battery and everything seems a lot better. so my question is, has anyone else experience this ? can a weak battery cause my radio to act funny ? sorry for such a long post.
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