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I didnt sell out to BMW, 2006 Outback :-), but paddles?

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Ok I really dont want a CVT, thats what turns me off about VW etc with DSG.


But I believe CVT didnt start in Outbacks until 2010?


Anyway its an Outback 3.0R, mint condition, 130kkms. Even has the import log book from japan and was serviced before it left. Its been serviced every 6 months for the last 40kkm.


My question is, what the heck are these paddles doing in an 06? I thought that didnt start until later? Its weird, its a momo wheel with all the buttons for controls and the paddles. Like this but a momo branded wheel.



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Having used both CVT and stepped automatics I definitely prefer the CVT as it works in the Subies.


The DSG isn't a CVT but a robotized manual gearbox with dual clutches. It also comes with a number of reliability problems, some models already wear out at 80000 km - about 50k miles.

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yeah i presume the Sub CVT is better than some of the early hondas and mazdas etc which seem to pop up as much as dry DSG's.


DSG or CVT is better IF it works and is built robust imo.


yes mines an 06 I was just showing the paddles. but mine is a Sub wheel dial but Momo outer. Very intriguing.

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