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Blinking cel question/avcs

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Hello all, I spent my summer replacing my SB and everything related to my turbo failing. The one thing I opted to clean instead of replace were the cam gears/avcs on the intake.


I took my car to get tuned and quickly my tuner informed me one of my cams isn't advancing. The car never gave me a cel for it, but it had misfired on cyl2 shortly after first start and the idle has a jog. I foolishly drove the car the next day and a cel starting blinking. Read misfire cyl 4. I shut it down within 1-2 minutes of it coming on. Felt like I lost a cylinder.


I'm already replacing the pulleys there's no question there. Pretty sure it should fix my idle issue and the misfires on that bank. My question is about the misfire(s) damaging anything other than the catylist. I have a catless uppipe btw.


I want to pull the heads and inspect everything. But if that type of miscombustion wouldn't damage valves or crack heads I'd rather not tamper with it. Thanks!

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A compression & leakdown test would help you diagnose possible engine damage without having to tear things apart. Might be a good place to start. Once you get your results, that will likely point the way to the next step.
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