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Rotor Skimming/replacement


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Been having a bit of squeak when first applying the brakes when cold (no squeak once used a couple of times) for a while which has now turned into a minor shudder when braking and a faint skimming sound when driving close enough to something for the noise to bounce back. Figured it'd be time to get the rotors skimmed. Not much of a lip on them so shouldn't be a thickness issue.


What do others do with the pads in this situation? All four corners have heaps of meat left on the pads so would rather not replace them unless I really have too. Would a re-bed in be enough? Is lightly skimming pads a thing?

Seems to have some weird contact issues on one of the front and one rear. Wondering if the rear one just needs some form of lube on the slide pin to get the top of the pad pushed in again as it may just be jamming at the top so only pushing the bottom half against the rotor. Think there may be something in the front pad as its a single very thin groove. Mainly interested in peoples opinions on whether to reuse old pads or not as I can't seem to find any other info on this exact situation


Front Passenger side



Front Driver side



Rear Passenger side



Rear Driver side




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If you have any kind of vibration I would not recommend reusing the old pads after having the rotors turned. The pads will wear into the rotor and will not be flat. It will cause more high and low spots on your freshly turned rotors. Have them replaced/turned and install new pads. My .02
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