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Clutch Not Fully Disengaging?


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2004 Subaru Outback ; 150,000 Miles


I pulled the engine this past week due to oil and coolant loss

Got it back together without much issue

Everything seems to be running smoothly with one exception


Occasionally when I stop or roll slow (~5mph)

Clutch does not seem to fully disengage

RPMs drop down to ~100

Car sputters/shakes ... feels likes its stalling

This happens Clutch In or Out, In-Gear or Neutral


I tried bleeding the clutch by Clamping the Slave Cylinder and:

- Loosening bleed screw

- Pressing clutch pedal down

- Tightening bleed screw

- Release clutch pedal

- Repeat -

(it did seem like some air was coming out... there were a lot of bubbles)


I would lose about .250" of Brake Fluid from the Clutch Reservoir over the course of a year before this repair took place


I think my Clutch Slave Cylinder is going... any other suggestions?




Work I Did Last week:

Car was loosing coolant rapidly... but apparently this was do to a failed O-Ring on the crossover tube from the engine that returns to the Radiator


I had the heads resurfaced and installed Fel-Pro head gaskets because they were dropping oil (mildly)


While I had the car apart I noticed that the clutch throwout bearing was original (even though the guy "replaced the clutch and flywheel" 20,000 miles ago)

So I changed that out with an OEM Subaru Bearing


I did not change the pressure plate or flywheel...

They're relatively new and not horribly marked up

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Did you have any problems similar to this before pulling the engine? Seems there might still be some air trapped in there. Vacuum bleeding the clutch lines might help purge it out. Alternatively, you could use a pressure bleeder. Just a thought.
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There were tons of issure before i pulled the engine (most seem resolved *fingers crossed*)


But i never experienced anything like the car almost stalling while i have the clutch pedal pushed in and/or the shifter in neutral

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