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Factory sub replacement options

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I have a 09 3.0r with the HK sound package, the factory subwoofer on the rear deck is completely blown out. I have looked but have not found a definite answer, I am looking for something that will drop in the factory sub location and work with the factory amp. if anyone knows of any it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Six pages on replacing it, 3rd page seems to have the most info


so, your 3"5/8 mounting depth sub can fit in that stock 8" hole at rear deck?


the key question...does it sound better?


The fit is drop in. As far as sounding better, it does, but I probably wouldn't bother with it unless you are planning to upgrade the amp. With more power and the ability to control the power level, eq and cross over points, it can make a much more noticeable improvement.


http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/read-if-youre-planning-upgrade-your-09-h-k-sub-144341.html?t=144341 Should also help


Page four also has an install pic of a 8" woofer.

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