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Bad AFR?


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Car has:

Fp green

Process west tmic

Aem wide band

ID 1000cc with walbro Fp

K&n drop in filter stock bpv


So I recently got a tune in Colorado Springs at altitude on 91 and immediately put the car on a trailer and brought it down to sea level (tuner took it on a road test and everything looked great).


My first chance at sea level I did a pull to see how the car would act. Cruised at 14.5 and under load dipped to 11.3 (right where they wanted it). Filled the car up with 93, since that's what they have down here (apparently 91 acts like 93 at altitude), and same. Car looked great. Went to change out my aem wideband fail safe gauge and accidentally had the vacuum hose on the back pop out. Finagled that back in and now under load/boost/wot my afr dips to 10.1. Once I complete my move in to the new house, tuning alliance is going to get me a sea level tune, but I wanted to see if I was missing something or maybe the gauge is giving me a false reading? The Cobb AP sticks at 11.1, but I feel like that might be as low as it can read.

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