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heating my mirrors

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Dear all,


I am thinking to make my mirrors heated. I have two options (that I know of): #1 install OEM style heated mirrors or #2 install a heater to my current mirrors.


I dug through the archives and it looks like to do the OEM method I would need to get the wiring harness which I expect to be a pain. This is unless the wire for the heater is separete and I could hook the heated mirrors just as my non-heated and add a separate wire and switch. I don't think I can do this however so was thinking to go with option #2, which would also be much cheaper.


Has anyone done this? It looks very straightforward, aside from getting the glass off.


Any thoughts?

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I currently have heated mirrors in my car too but I haven't bothered to wire them up. The plug for the heater is only 2 prong and the power mirror is 4? I think. So it would be pretty easy to wire them up with a switch or you could just tap into the power for the power mirror if your car has that option.

To wire them up, the way I would do it is put a fuse tap in the fuse box and just run 2 wires into each of the doors and then find a way to connect the new wires to the stock connector so I will be able to disconnect it easier in the future.

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