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Lets see them saweet lips!!

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If there's already a thread for 'cheap front lips', please share it..

I'm looking at these eBay lips thinking I might pull the trigger.... talk me off the ledge or point me in the right direction!


Pic plus a link of where or what it was on eBay would be sweet... I read in one of the stickies, at the top of this forum, that the sti lip can also be used- but with modifications. No description of what or how, nor any pics however :spin:


Anyone know about this? The end pieces that kinda fold up would look cool on the leggo I think?


Show me whatchya got!

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There's a lot of pics and info on the ebay / bayson lips around here. I'll link my pics out of my build thread below:


Went with the Bayson R lip due to the good reviews on here and the low price. Install was very straight forward and it did fit pretty well.




Here's a before and after:




Here's a link to where I purchased on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/V-Limited-Style-Front-Lip-Urethane-Fits-08-09-Legacy-4-5dr-US-Spec-Only-/371127799068

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The link for the Bayson state 08+ LGT... do the offer an 05/06, or does it fit both?


For some reason your pics look like a before and after slim fast or weight-loss pics... like the car appears to be a different color... so the initial thought is, heeeey waaait a minute, what the hell?!

Lol looks dope though!!


Price is definitely legit too, plus free shipping??? AND it looks like pretty good quality?


The JNA looks titties too!!! Maybe I like it better since its shown on my year model and color tho :wub:

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