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Exhaust compatibility and intake with cobb tune.


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Hello everyone,


I am planning what components to get and wanted to get others input on compatibility and gaskets needed.

My car is an 06 limited gt sedan 5 speed manual stock except a cobb accessport v3.




Invidia uppipe

Cobb catted downpipe

Invidia q300 cbe

Or borla cbe



Turbo to uppipe

Header to uppipe

Header gaskets

Turbo to downpipe

Downpipe to midpipe ( do i need a flange or a donut gasket?)



With cobb sf+ tunes do I need to use the cobb intake or can I run sf tunes with say a grimmspeed intake? Or do I run just nornal stage tune non sf+ if I dont have the cobb intske but another aftermarket? Will i need a custom tune this route?


Thanks in advance!


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Others will need to chime in on gaskets and the DP/MP connection.


As for the intake and tuning, you -might- be able to get away w/ running a Cobb SF OTS map w/ the GS CAI as a hold-over, but with any aftermarket intake it's definitely recommended you get the MAF, etc dialed in via e-tune/protune unless you're familiar w/ the process and have a copy of Accesstuner Race, in which case you can do it yourself like I did. I spent quite a bit of time getting MAF scaling dialed in on my car across the various seasons w/ the GS CAI, and at least in my case the scaling change only somewhat resembles the ~11-12% over stock scaling that several others have reported on the forums. If you decide to go w/ a non-Cobb aftermarket intake and plan on trying a Cobb SF OTS map with it, you should have a wideband O2 installed and the willingness to hawk/datalog WOT AFR or you risk popping the motor running too lean -- and to reiterate, it's not a recommended 'experiment' IMO.


If you stick w/ the -stock- airbox/filter setup, the non-SF Cobb OTS should hold you over. Not recommended to use the non-SF Cobb staged OTS with any aftermarket intake, high probability the aftermarket intake will flow more air than the stock MAF scaling and you'll run lean.


In case you weren't aware, if you get a DP you are considered Stage 2, and should be limiting your Cobb OTS map selection to Stage 2.

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Thanks for the quick feedback, that is all what I assumed I just figured I would double check before I make a stupid mistake.


I think I'll end up just going with the cobb sf intake and then run the cobb ots stage 2 sf+ map for now.


Is the wideband 02 a must when getting an e-tune in the future if I add other components beyond the ots stage 2?


Also anybody know the info for the gaskets on either CBE? I would like to do the entire exhaust work on a weekend and having to wait for another gasket would be a bummer.



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