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Good idea? Bad idea? Cranking engine W/O turbo installed

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I want to flush/circulate oil prior to even installing the new turbo. How bad of an idea would it be to put a hose over the turbo oil line, divert its discharge to the dipstick hole and crank the engine for 30 seconds or so?


I'll pull the fuel pump fuse, I have no intention of having the engine actually run, I just want to circulate/filter some fresh oil for the purpose of flushing the system. I figure this will be far more effective then firing canned carb cleaner or compressed air everywhere I can.




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That would help greatly.


What is your purpose for purging the lines? Did your previous turbo contaminate the system? If so, you'd want to pump it into another container to get any kind of shavings out and not back into the engine.


Edit - Just saw your other post. I don't want to derail your thread here. Sounds like you are going in the right direction! Good luck.


Keep the starter cool and you'll be fine!

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Thanks for the encouragement! Affirmative on the blown turbo. Good idea to pump it out. I could use it later in lawnmowers and Hondas and such...


I may run this process twice, once with cheap oil and a Purolater Pure One filter, then again with synthetic and a Synlube filter, all before initial startup.

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