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Folks who have done TRS Retro-Quik for HID kit, questions about triggering system?

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Hello All,


So I started down the path of installing my Retro-Quik kit, got the headlights all apart, the Projectors installed and closed up and now wiring. TRS didn't send the harness (its on it's way now) to connect the H7 socket in the housing(s?) to the 9006 socket on the relay harness.


My question is (since I don't have parts in front of me) do both headlights get this adapter harness(s) since there is only one 9006 socket on the relay harness? If only one head light get it which one or does it matter? I'm guessing if it doesn't matter the Drivers side would be preferable as its closer to the battery/relay harness.


Since my car is torn down and useless I'm trying to get concurrent work done so when the harness arrives (Friday) I can button up quickly.

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Well I got it, I forgot I had one of these harness form a previous project.


FYI for future installers, If there is not a 9006 plug pig tail (it will plug into your relay harness) in your kit don't start the install, unless they start shipping H7 harnesses like the show on just their H7 HID kits.


Also, you only need one on the drivers side as their "kind of" directions show.

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