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Exterior cosmetic damage 2011 legacy 2.5i


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Hey guys,


I apologize if this is the wrong thread for this.


My girlfriends brother backed into my Subaru (2011 legacy 2.5i premium) on Christmas and broke the plastic housing (small cracks in it) that holds the emblem and the plastic chrome accent pieces that fills it out. All the tabs also broke off on these pieces so they no longer fit snug into the housing. Of course the bumper has scuff marks and scratches as well. See image below:





Obviously there are lots of sites to buy replacement bumper covers but I just wanted to post here before I did to narrow my search down as I trust the members on this form to steer me in the right direction. Also, how about the plastic housing and things like that? Any suggestions on how I can fix this myself without going to a body shop? I am familiar with taking the bumper on and off as I replaced the headlights previously.


I just drove the car home and didn't notice any alignment/driving issues so it appears to just be cosmetic damage at this point.


Thanks everyone!

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