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Oil leak on exhaust. 2.5i

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I have a 2007 legacy with a 2.5i engine. We had an oil change, accessories belts changed, left front rim and a alignment done. When I picked the car up it was smoking from the left forward side (being burnt on the exhaust). I figured that they dropped some oil during the change. Drove it home and it was still smoking. It never did that before. When I checked the oil I found that it was over filled by a 2 inches on the dip stick. They took it back removed the extra oil and washed the engine. Test drove and gave us back the car. It still leaks. I brought it back and they told me it was a seal behind the timing cover. They also broke the top lug off of it. Ten days later they called me back and told me it is fixed. Dec 23 at 230. We picked it up still smoking. None on the ground. This is a recommended shop by my Subaru friends. Any ideas? Thanks
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