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Looking for some quick help

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I am going to apologize ahead of time.

I did not search, I am hoping someone is nice enough to help me help someone else, lol.


A guy I know picked up a JDM outback front end. I installed it for him, and did 95% of the work on it for him. But I was running out of time, so I did what I could for him, and a month later he is not any closer to getting this 100% complete.


Swapped his body panels, Flipped the shields, removed the squirrely eyes, wired the low/high beams, and turn signals, but I did not have time to wire his running lights.


His Oem headlights did not have a HID's or ballast, but I'm sure the JDM HID's did/do but they didn't give them to him when he bought his jdm front end so I wired up his headlights so they are plug and play with his Oem harness. His lights will flicker without the ballast when he has his lights switched off and his ebrake up. But they work fine when they are turned on, and the ebrake is down.


I wired his turn signals, but did not have time to wire up the running lights, which I believe has caused a break in the circuit for his running lights.


I need the wiring diagram/wire colour code for the JDM turn signals and running lights as well as the USDM running lights and turn signals please, so I can give him instructions or go back and re-wire them for him.


Auto leveling is present but not wired up, but he can worry about that later.

Looking for some help with the turn signals/running lights?

Also what are his options for running the JDM HID's?


Sorry if this has been answered before.


I'm not obligated to help the guy out, and I advised him that if he needs this fixed yesterday he should take it to a shop to let them sort it out but with the holidays and stuff around the corner I would really rather help him if I could, I just don't want to spend hours in the cold trying figure out wiring.


I used this video for reference.

#LGTSTi is still cheaper and nicer then an equal year wrxsti

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